Friday, February 12, 2010

General W. Troy Tolbert's, President Omaha, Humpty Dumpty, Moody Air Force Personnel,

February 4, 2010

Unpublished, in Valdosta Daily Times?

TO: Editor, Blog, Internet, Concerned Citizens and Beyond

I agree with retired [B. General W. Troy Tolbert’s] letter published in the Valdosta Daily Times on February 4, 2010. Wherein he said, “Let’s just be Americans and do what’s best for our country. The people have spoken. Let’s start anew, and God bless America!”

Many Americans are working to build a better nation. However [General Tolbert] seems unrelenting in his efforts along with others to see our 44th President fail at all cost. But as Vietnam Era Retired Military Veteran. I take issues with repeated name-calling and negative cartoons of the Executive-Commander-In Chief----- of our armed forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other war torn areas around the world.

I agree with the general’s remarks. “Lets just try to be Americans.” The American people respected the other 43 Presidents. It seems that the general continues to set a bad precedence for all future American Presidents at home and abroad. How Sad?

Not even during slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and the Civil Rights Movement did citizens, active duty and retired military generals refer to members of our Armed Forces Executive Commander-In-Chief as a clown, unpatriotic, foreigner, chimp, liar, humpty dumpy and many other derogatory names in the eyes of the world.

Are we aware that Valdosta is home to Moody Air Force Base Georgia, wherein our children are deployed on foreign battlefields under our 44th President? Therefore humpty dumpty will not resolve America’s problems, and if any American Veteran has a better method or resolution concerning the health care issue. Our 44th President has asked publicly for their help.

So yes! Let us be good Americans by working to resolve America’s problems instead of being a contributing factor to the problem along political lines.

Retired United States Armed Forces Veteran
A concerned citizen and brother of humanity

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